Discovery Tails Labradoodles located in Sequim, Washington Puppies Available

discovery tails labradoodles  Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle Breeder near Seattle Tacoma located In Sequim

Australian Labradoodle Breeder near Seattle Tacoma located In Sequim

Australian Labradoodle Breeder near Seattle Tacoma located In SequimAustralian Labradoodle Breeder near Seattle Tacoma located In Sequim

About Discovery Tails Labradoodles

We are small family breeders and all dogs live in the house


Welcome to Discovery Tails Labradoodles, family breeders of Australian Labradoodle Puppies.  We chose to breed Australian Labradoodles after careful research of the breed.  These Labradoodles are smart, friendly, mostly non-

Our family lives in the lush Pacific Northwest, on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim Washington, 15 miles from Port Angeles and across from Victoria Canada.  It is only a 2 hour drive from Seattle and a boat ride from Victoria BC Canada.  Sequim is in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula.  We brag about our sunny city with very little rain.

We are a small and personal family breeder.   We have two female breeding dogs and one male living in our home.  If we decide to grow, we will place dogs in guardian homes, but only plan on having 4 breeding dogs at one time so we can give them the care and attention they need.  Our dogs live in our home and enjoy our fully fenced acre property.  Our doodles are constant companions and entertainment for our family. They receive care and attention from people of all ages and  sleep in our room.  They are happily crate-trained, but spend minimal time there, as we are at home most days.  Our dogs spend their days playing with each other and love their “tunnel”. We walk them most every day and they love car rides. They only go into their kennels if they want to hide out.  We are not a kennel breeding operation and have no plans to become one.

I have been training dogs for many years with positive training methods.  I am proud to say that I have never had an unruly dog after some training.  I believe in positive training methods with treats and praise.  Socialization is very important so they go to friends and offices to visit with as many humans as we can introduce them too.  

The puppies will start socialization, training, and car rides at about 6 weeks old.

Our interest in Labradoodles began with having raised Labrador Retrievers in Alaska.   We have had 4 labs that  all passed on.  Two of them lived to be 16 years old which is practically unheard of in labradors.  After losing our last lab 3 years ago and wanting another one, I did NOT want the shedding.  So after careful research we came upon this breed.  I was very impressed with the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALAA) They have very strict restrictions on breeding these dogs and a code of ethics that all breeders must adhere to.  Inbreeding going back 4 generations is not allowed to register our breeding dogs in the organization. This will help  to maintain the integrity and health of the breed.  Our breeding dogs pass hip and eye tests, have an eye exam by an ophthalmologist veterinarian, cardiac screening and some other DNA tests for diseases.   I encourage you to go to the website for more information. See my ALAA webpage for further information.  

I also became a breeder because I love dogs and I love to train dogs!

Happy Doodling!

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