Washington Australian Labradoodle


Pine Lodge Wind in the Willows

  •  Willow is a female red mini labradoodle with soft wavy fleece .  She weighs 23 pounds and is 15 1/2 inches tall.  She is smart and lovable and loves her walks.  She is so agile and runs like the wind in the yard.  She was very easy to train.   She is a sweet dog and loves her people.  She is the best momma dog and attends to her puppies with love.

Washington Australian Labradoodle


desert winds alyeska super G "Allie


Allie is our beautiful Chocolate Medium Labradoodle.  She has soft wavy fleece hair and weighs 30 pounds.    She is spirited and happy.   She loves her humans and plays in a tunnel while the other dogs chase her.  She is smart and friendly and quick to give kisses.    She has stayed dark chocolate which is unusual in this breed.  She is an excellent Momma and cant wait until they are old enough to play with.  



Discovery tails rosie

  Rosie is the newest addition to our females.  She lives in a guardian home in Port Angeles.  She has the most beautiful  DARK red wavy fleece coat you have ever seen.    She is smart, friendly, curious, loves to play and is just a delight to have around.   She is a  small medium at 25 pounds and 17" tall.   She lives in a guardian home is loved so much.

We will be breeding Rosie in 2020


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Therapy dogs Washington


Pine lodge copper river king

 River is a Caramel Ice.  As a puppy he had tuxedo markings, and he produces beautiful Tuxedo Puppies.  He  is the most amazing dog I have every owned.  He's a therapy dog at heart.   He has a calming effect on everyone around him.   He is calm, gentle, really smart and loves people.  He was so easy to train.  His puppies are gorgeous.  The last litter had 5 tuxedos.    He has perfect conformation and solid boning.   He is a medium and weighs 33 pounds.    We let him train our puppies how to play and not jump and bite when they are 6 or 7 weeks old.  He is the best father and mentor to all of our puppies.

Apricot and White Australian Labradoodle bred in Washington for a therapy dog.


Bayside labradoodles mckinley's discovery "mac"

 Mac is the newest boy added to our program.  He will make beautiful puppies.  He is the calmest puppy I have ever had.  He loves people and is very friendly.  He loves to run and jump.  He is a large miniature or small medium at about 25 pounds with the softest wavy fleece coat.   He lives in a guardian home with a family and a dog friend.   His guardian says he is her "therapy" dog because he is so intuitive, smart and calm.  He will produce red, caramel and chocolate tuxedo puppies.  His Momma was a chocolate parti and his father was dark red.  We will breed him in 2020.  We can't wait to see his puppies.

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Discovery Tails Rosie

Rosie is the newest addition to our breeding program

Rosie is Willow and Bimmer's puppy and stood out from a very young age.  She is very sociable and happy.  She learns so fast and loves to run with the big dogs.  We  are excited to have her in our program.  She lives in a guardian home with wonderful owners and a lab to play with.  She is a solid red miniature labradoodle.  We expect her to be about 15 to 20 pounds.