Discovery Tails Labradoodles located in Sequim, Washington Puppies Available

discovery tails labradoodles  Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle Breeder on the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle

Australian Labradoodle Breeder on the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle

Australian Labradoodle Breeder on the Olympic Peninsula near SeattleAustralian Labradoodle Breeder on the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle

Life's Abundance

Life's Abundance


Stage formula.

This line of pet products was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. 

DryDogSmShe  has been a holistic vet for over 20 years. She has served as President  of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City, earned three  Presidential Citations, appointed by Mayor Rudolph Guliano to help  establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world, the author of  three books on responsible care and treatment of pets, and has appeared  on 48 Hours, Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal  Planet, and more. She has also created a non-profit foundation where a  percent of her product line is contributed toward rescue and care for  pets.

Many of the ingredients in our pet  food today causes a shorter life span due to the ingredients that cause  stress on their kidney and liver functions which include; wheat, corn,  and soy. These are also major allergens to our pets.

By-products such as chicken heads,  duck bills, fish heads, chicken and turkey feet, bones and diseased  & contaminated slaughterhouse meat can also be included in our pet  foods! BHA, BHT, which harms our dog’s liver and kidneys and are known  carcinogens. As well as Ethoxyquin, which is used to stabilize rubber  can also be used. All these chemicals are added to provide a longer  shelf life, for months, even possibly a couple of years.

At Life’s Abundance we don’t leave any factors that impact safety and quality to chance!  

We exercise control at every stage …  from preparation to packaging to storage. While leading brands  stockpile tons of food for months on end we make our food in small  batches every week.  Once it’s made the food is shipped to one of our 5  warehouses which are clean and climate controlled.  The products are  packaged and then shipped with care and arrive at your door within 4-6  weeks of being made….fresher food is more nutrient-rich!  

We feed our dogs and are raising  our puppies on Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Dog food which is  holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony that’s  important to help your canine achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Life’s Abundance All Life Stage dog food recipe contains only the finest ingredients, like … 

• A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals

• High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles

• An antioxidant system including vitamins C & E

• Prebiotic fiber & guaranteed probiotics

• A selection of nutritious vegetables

• Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat

• Calcium & phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones

• Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

To be the best dry dog food, this premium kibble contains …

• No artificial flavors or colors

When you buy this Life’s Abundance dog food,

your sweet pup will benefit from our strict inventory controls
and product safety considerations that are second-to-none