Chocolate, Caramel & Cream puppies born 5/28 - All puppies sold

Gorgeous Caramel, cream and chocolate tuxedos, one solid gold  and one parti. 

5 males and 3 females.  We expect these puppies to be 25-35 pounds full grown.  

See below for more information about the parents. 

Snoopy (male) - wavy fleece tuxedo - 7 weeks old - adopted

Cream and White tuxedo australian labradoodle puppy bred in Washington.

Linus (male) - Wavy fleece tuxedo - 7 weeks old - adopted

Puppies Puppies Puppies bred in Washington state.  Apricot and white tuxedo

Charlie Brown (Griffy)- wavy fleece solid - 7 weeks old - adopted

Caramel Australian Labradoodle going to a home in Sequim Washington puppies

Schroeder (male) - solid chocolate curly fleece - 7 weeks old - adopted

Dark Chocolate Australian Labradoodle bred in Washington going to a home in Tacoma

Woodstock (Wally) - Chocolate Tuxedo curly fleece - 7 weeks old - adopted

Chocolate Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle Washington going to a home in Gig Harbor

Peanut (female) - wavy fleece tuxedo - 7 weeks old - adopted

Red and White Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle Washington Kitsap Peninsula

Peppermint Patty (Abbie) - wavy fleece red with white markings 7 weeks old - adopted


Lucy (female) Wavy Fleece Parti -7 weeks old - adopted

Apricot and White Parti Australian Labradoodle bred in WAshington on the Olympic Peninsula

Allie and River

Allie was bred to River who is my therapy dog


Allie's 8 puppies were born 5/28/19.  She is a rich dark chocolate which is rare.  She is happy friendly and loves everyone.  She loves to snuggle and ride in the car.  She is more spirited than our other Doodles but still calm for a young dog.   She loves to run and chase the ball.  We knew she was smart when she was a very young puppy and knew most common commands by 4 months old.      There were 2 sires for this litter and we will be doing DNA testing to confirm the sire on each puppy.    She weighs 30 pounds.  These dogs will grow up to be between 25 and 35 pounds.

Pine Lodge Copper River King "River"

River is the most amazing dog.  He is my therapy dog and has an amazing ability to calm people down.

River is the most amazing dog.   He has the ability to calm people down by just staring into their eyes.  He is super smart, friendly, and gentle and  playful.  He was an apricot tuxedo as a puppy but lightened.   He should produce some nice apricot and white or chocolate and white tuxedo puppies.   He has a  perfect stocky conformation and a super soft curly fleece coat.  He is my therapy dog and keeps me calm.  He has amazing instincts to know when someone is sick, hurting or anxious and comes to see how he can help!   He loves to cuddle. He weighs about 33 pounds but has some mini's in his line so we may have smaller dogs around 25 pounds full grown.  We can tell the smaller ones at about 4 weeks.